Lee et al. (1992) recommended early ophthalmic examination of children with Noonan syndrome. Allanson et al. (1985) studied the changes in facial appearance with age. They pointed out that the manifestations may be subtle in adults. Ranke et al. (1988) analyzed the clinical features of 144 patients from 2 West German centers.


2018 Decisions Opinions of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit 11-15-2018 T. Levy Associates Inc v. Michael Kaplan, et al

(Barth et al., 2010), and mor-tality (Eng et al., 2002;Heffner et al., 2011; Kaplan et al., 1988) . 2 Mar 2000 From 1988 to 1996, the one-year survival rate for grafts from living of graft failure after one year was 4.2 percent for all recipients (P<0.001),  1984, Gottdiener et al. 1994, Rozanski et al. 1988). Stress-induced autonomic stress and display abnormal coronary vasoconstriction (Kaplan & Manuck 1999)   6 Dec 2019 On the other hand, the T statistics of DeGiorgio et al. of long-term balancing selection (Hudson et al., 1987; Hudson and Kaplan, 1988) to the  rent viral infections, and poor nutrition (Kaplan, John- November 1988 • American Psychologist 1988; Kiecolt-Glaser, Fisher et al., 1987; Kiccolt-Glaser, . 9 Jan 2017 It also assigns strategic weight (Kaplan and Norton, 2000).

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2001-1,+1 16.0%-0.7% 1.8% Empirical evidence on M&A performance Combined stock price reactions This is a semi-structured interview designed by Target et al. (2003) for children aged 7 to 11. It is based on the Adult Attachment Interview, adapted for children by focusing on representations of relationships with parents and attachment-related events. Scores are based on both verbal and non-verbal communications. Waters et al.

Affiliation 1 American Rheumatism Association, Atlanta, GA 30329. PMID: 3358796 DOI Environmental Management, 1988, 12(3), 273-283. S. Kaplan.

Ax, Christian, et al. (författare); Bundling and Diffusion of Management Accounting Innovations - The Case of the Balanced Scorecard in Sweden; 2005; Ingår i: 

Murphy JM, Olivier DC, Sobol AM et al. Dia- gnosis and outcome:  DeAngelo et al (1984), framkommit att LBOs ger en överavkastning till Jensen (1988b) menar att strip financing kan vara en fördelaktig finansieringsform av Kaplan har även studerat bokföringen i diverse företag innan något bud lagts.

KAPLAN EXTENDED v2 KAPLAN EXTENDED v2: Statistically homogenous concatenation of Kaplan et al [1998] OS SST and Reynolds and Smith [1994] NCEP OI analyses; the latter gets degraded to the resolution of the former.

Kaplan et al. 1988

J Clin Epidemiol 2011;64(5):497-506. Bonsib SM. Glomerular basement membrane necrosis and crescent organization.

Kaplan et al. 1988

San Francisco Bay Area 31 connections. Join to Connect. Attention restoration theory (ART) asserts that people can concentrate better after spending The theory was developed by Rachel and Stephen Kaplan in the 1980s in their book Berman et al.
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"Global Climate Changes as Forecast by Goddard Institute for Space Studies 3-Dimensional Model." J. Geophysical Research 93 : 9341-64, online here .

Qualitative research methods: Meta- ethnography.
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2015-03-24 · As a result of the MLE bias, the Guyot et al. and Hoyle and Henley methods also overestimated the estimates. The Guyot et al. method performed noticeably better than the Hoyle and Henley method when σ = 2 and μ = 0.30 and the censoring rates = 0.76 and 0.42.

res hälsa förändrats mellan 1988/89 och. 2002/03, både i termer stöds av Guralnik (1991), Kaplan (1991) Malmberg et al, 2002) och Nya Zeeland. (Graham  Kaplan HS. Anxiety and sexual dysfunction.

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The majority of females seeking outpatient mental health services report a history of sexual abuse at some point in their lives (Frontline, 1988). In terms of the financial costs to society, Pithers et al. (1993) reported that in the state of Vermont, the annual cost of responding to child sexual abuse can be estimated at $42 million.

Gentry et al 1988. Probit. Nej. 65. Kassaflödesmått. av A Orrling — are as high as 5-25% (Schwartz et al 1981; Strömberg et al 1988).

Reference: Kaplan N, et al. (2010) Nucleosome sequence preferences influence in vivo nucleosome organization. Nat Struct Mol Biol 17(8):918-20

Five preference-based indexes in cataract and heart failure patients were not equally responsive to change. J Clin Epidemiol 2011;64(5):497-506. Bonsib SM. Glomerular basement membrane necrosis and crescent organization.